Herbal Medicine

culture since our prehistoric ancestors first walked the earth. Plants are remarkably complex living beings that are virtual natural chemical factories! Every animal, including humans, uses plants for their healing effects. Herbal medicine bags have been found with the mummified remains of ancient people from thousands of years ago.

In our modern age, plants have been the source of many innovations in health care. Meadowsweet and White Willow Bark were used by Bayer to develop aspirin! Foxglove is a source of the plant compound digitalis, a powerful cardiac drug.

Pharmaceutical companies and government researchers alike look to the plant world for the answers to today’s biggest health problems.At Agocs Chiropractic Health Center, we combine the science and research of today with the knowledge of healers
from the past to give our patients the best of both worlds. By using high quality, pharmaceutical grade herbal extracts and the latest research, we can effectively address many health care problems in a very safe way using simple, tried and true herbs.
Dr. Agocs offers his herbal consultation services as either an adjunct to your other care at our office, or as a standalone service for those who are solely interested in herbal medicine.

Dr. Agocs is one of very few licensed doctors in the state of Michigan providing herbal consultations to patients. He is currently under review to become a Registered Herbalist through the American Herbalists Guild, the only American organization that officially recognizes education and achievement for practicing herbalists.

For herbal medicine to be safe and effective for you, it is critical to utilize the services of trained, professional herbalists who use the best quality products available. Our protocols are based on the extracts made by MediHerb, the world’s top producer of herbal extracts. We also utilize custom-formulated products using MediHerb extracts mixed by the herbal apothecary at ISIS in Boston, MA.

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Fees for Herbal Services & Consultations*:
Initial New Patient Consultation- $55
Follow-up Consultations- $35

*Does not include the cost of herbs or supplements. All protocols use MediHerb or Standard Process herbal and nutritional supplements. Because of the varying quality of herbal products in the market, we do not recommend that you substitute our protocols with other companies’ products.