Clinic Services

Agocs Chiropractic Health Center is dedicated to offering the best possible chiropractic care at affordable fees. All of our services are patient-focused and intended to be both effective and convenient. We are located (map + directions) on the north side of Holland, Michigan in the Riley Office Center professional building with easy access from Highway 31 or other main roads in town.

We are here to ”Serve you with Head, Heart and Hands,” so if you have any questions about our services please just contact us!

Currently Offered Services:
Chiropractic care
Massage Therapy
Science-based clinical nutrition
Phytotherapy (herbal therapy)
Acupressure/Trigger Point Therapy
On-site x-ray facility
Convenient office hours

We accept most insurance plans:
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Preferred provider/in-network status in
PPOM network
WPPN network (including RealHealth)
Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans (Community Blue, Blue Preferred, etc.)
Worker’s Compensation claims
Automobile accident claims
Most 3rd party/private insurance plans
Most Medicare secondary/supplemental insurance

Office Information:
Agocs Chiropractic Health Center, PLC
12662 Riley Street • Suite 150
Holland, MI 49424
Tel: 616.738.0088

Office Hours:
Monday–Friday: 8:00AM–6:00PM
Monday afternoons Dr. Agocs sees patients at Harbor Health & Massage, Home of Lakeshore Pilates @ 29 W. 8th Street in downtown Holland from 3-7PM.
Closed for about an hour every day for lunch sometime between Noon and 3:00 (call ahead to make sure Dr. Agocs is here if you plan to drop in!)
Saturdays and all other days or times by appointment

Chiropractic is the country’s largest natural health and second largest primary health care profession. Doctors of chiropractic are licensed in all 50 states as primary health care providers and chiropractors practice in most countries of the world. There are approximately 60,000 chiropractors in the world with most of them practicing in North America.

Chiropractors are concerned with improving your health by keeping your body working as close to 100% as possible. We are especially interested in your nervous system and how it communicates with the organs, muscles, tissues and cells of your body. Mechanical parts of your body, particularly the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints of the spine (but anywhere in your body, really), can dysfunction and cause interference in the signals that your nerves transmit. This is what chiropractors call subluxations. When you are subluxated, the communication system of your body stops working properly. This is just like when you try to talk to a friend over a bad phone connection! Some of the words might get through, but the overall message is lost.

Chiropractors look for subluxations in your spine and other parts of the body and use simple, effective adjustments to restore normal function to the joint and its supporting structures. This also restores the normal flow of information along the nervous system and allows your body to heal and work properly again.

Some patients use chiropractic to recover from injuries or illnesses while others use chiropractic as preventative health care to keep problems from coming down the road. Most top athletes utilize chiropractic to help keep their bodies in tune (in Lance Armstrong’s latest book he refers to the team chiropractor as ”the most important member of the team”) and enhance performance in a natural and safe way. Regardless of what you choose for yourself and your family, Agocs Chiropractic Health Center is here to serve you and your needs with Head, Heart and Hands!

Massage Therapy
Massage is provided by Gracie Van Den Berg, a certified massage therapist. Massage is an excellent adjunct to chiropractic care, or can also be used as a stand-alone service in our office. Massage is useful for muscle and structural function, muscle spasms, stress release, enhancing detoxification of byproducts from the muscles and tissues, beneficial hormone release and more! Some insurance companies cover massage when performed in a chiropractic office, so feel to contact us about this option!

Clinical Nutrition
Nutrition is an excellent adjunct to the chiropractic services we provide. Quite literally, you are what you eat. Your body is like a factory that needs constant supplies of energy and raw materials. In the ideal world you would have a perfect diet of wholesome, natural foods that gives your body everything it needs to work properly.

The sad truth, though, is that in America, despite our plentiful farms and our ability to get whatever kind of food we want when we want it, many of us are greatly lacking in the essential nutrients and building blocks our bodies need for survival. Despite having “food” everywhere around us, your body could be starving to death because the food you eat is low in nutrition (but tastes good, thanks to food chemists who manufacture chemicals that smell, taste and even feel good in your mouth)!

Clinical nutrition is the science of using foods and supplements to feed your body what it needs to thrive. Many problems that people come to Agocs Chiropractic Health Center for are caused or made worse by poor diet and lifestyle. Many of your symptoms can be alleviated with proper clinical nutrition. The nutritional supplement market is loaded with frauds and overpriced hype, so we’ve done all the work for you to provide the best sources of supplements from the country’s most reputable manufacturers.

Our goal is always to help improve your diet, but when you need supplements you owe it to yourself to seek the expertise of Dr. Steve Agocs and use his experience and knowledge to your own advantage. We utilize mainly Standard Process whole food supplements, but also carry some items from Carlson’s, Pure Encapsulations, Biotics and Dee Cee Labs.

Phytotherapy (Herbal medicine)
Herbs are plants that have traditionally been used for their healing properties. If you think the nutritional supplement market is tricky to navigate, it’s nothing compared to herbs! Herbs can be extremely effective in helping your body heal and work properly. Herbs are complicated plants that create hundreds, sometimes thousands, of unique chemicals. Herbs can be applied synergistically with nutritional supplements or with other herbs to have a great impact on your health, without the harmful side effects of powerful synthetic drugs.

It is important to utilize most herbs with the help of a trained health care provider like Dr. Steve Agocs. There can be contraindications to taking some herbs, and there are many complicated quality and manufacturing issues to be aware of. Sometimes when you go to a health food store and buy an herb off the shelf the manufacturer used the wrong plant, the wrong parts of the plant or such small amounts of herbs that they couldn’t possibly have an effect in your body!

Because of this all of our effective herbal protocols utilize products manufactured by MediHerb, a world leader in quality herbal preparations. MediHerb bases all of its formulas and products on research–proven herbs so you know you are getting the best, safest and most effective products available. Visits MediHerb’s website for a full explanation of all of the steps they take to ensure you buy the best available when the label says MediHerb.

Starting in 2005 Agocs Chiropractic Health Center is contracting with ISIS in Boston to provide us with custom-made liquid herbal formulas using MediHerb extracts. Up until now we have had to rely on single liquids, pre-mixed formulas or herbal tablets. Custom formulas allow Dr. Agocs to select only those herbs that each individual patient needs, and herbal liquids are VERY easy to take! Because we can pinpoint just the products you need, you save money on your herbal formulas, too, so everyone is happy with ISIS’s new disepansary service!