Children’s Health

Children’s health is often taken for granted. With so many colds, flus, earaches and other problems kids get, it’s pretty easy to think ”My child isn’t sick, so that must mean she’s healthy.” The reality of the matter is that you can help improve the way your child’s body functions from the earliest stages of life, and lay a foundation for better health that will last throughout the rest of her life.

Kids love chiropractic care at Agocs Chiropractic Health Center. Dr. Agocs’s methods are easy for them and their results tend to last even longer than for adults! Children have an enormous potential for the fullest expression of health possible. The fact that they are growing means that they heal faster and make improvements quicker than you can imagine!

Dr. Agocs has personally had success at our office using chiropractic care and sometimes simple herbal and nutritional supplementation for problems in kids like asthma, allergies, colds & flus, earaches, colic, headaches, migraines and more. This does not mean that our methods are a ”cure” for these problems, but simply that these are some of the types of things we’ve had success with. Just like with our adult patients, we find the sources of problems in the body, help correct them, and let your body (or your child’s as it may be) do the rest!

For an excellent resource of peer-reviewed scientific literature on chiropractic care and children’s health issues, visit the website of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA).