About Agocs Chiropractic Health Center, PLC

Agocs Chiropractic Health Center, PLC was founded on the fundamental belief that good quality health care does not need to cost a fortune or involve lots of tests, procedures, long waits at impersonal clinics and side-effects. In today’s technologically-driven medical system many doctors have forgotten the basic idea that the body is intelligent and is able to heal itself and stay healthy as long as the systems and parts work properly to begin with!
Care at Agocs Chiropractic health center is focused on the needs of the individual patient and we work with your entire body to achieve results. Our care is centered on chiropractic and therapeutic massage but we also stress positive lifetstyle modifications so you can maintain your own health. Dr. Steve Agocs has special interest in the fields of herbal medicine and clinical nutrition, so these services are available for patients interested in them.

Dr. Steve Agocs is a 2000 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Before attending Palmer College, Dr. Agocs graduated summa cum laude (highest honors) with a B.A. in chemistry teaching from the University of Northern Iowa. While a student at U.N.I., Dr. Agocs had the opportunity to learn more about chiropractic and decided that the profession offered the perfect mix of educating people and helping others in need.

Dr. Agocs is involved in the community through the Holland Area Chamber of Commerce (former chair of the Healthy Workforce Committee) and the Downtown Holland Principal Shopping District. Dr Agocs has published several articles about health and is a
member of the Michigan Chiropractic Society, International Chiropractor’s Association and Palmer College of Chiropractic International Alumni Association. Other interests including reading and writing, cycling, music and kayaking on Lake Michigan.
See Dr. Steve Agocs’s full Curriculum Vitae.